How to Avoid Back Pain When You Spend All Day at Your Desk

Many Americans have chronic back pain from spending hours hunched over sitting in front of a computer every day. Unless you have the option to quit your job and change professions, you may want to find ways to ease this pain by making small changes or developing new habits or routines. Our bodies are made for movement, our joints and bones begin to stiffen without movement and are made even worse when we are holding them in positions that are unnatural or straining. Here are several tips to help you avoid back pain.

Get Up and Move

If you are stuck at your desk all day it is important to find ways to give your body some movement every 30 minutes to one hour. Even less than one minute of movement can help prevent stiff joints and muscles as well as help increase blood flow to your body and mind. Adding some stretching to your movement will really decrease pain and improve your health if you have the time for that. You can easily stand next to your desk and do several stretches that will give you a burst of energy and release tension held in the body from lack of movement. For an even easier stretch, do some chair yoga while you are still seated.

Wear the Right Shoes

Just because most of your back-pain issues are caused by sitting, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to taking care of your body when it is in movement as well. Our bodies are supported by our feet and if you don’t have the right shoes it can really wreak havoc on your spine. To get a great pair of shoes that will help prevent back pain try The Walking Company. Finding a pair of shoes that fit right, have the right amount of arch support and have at least a little bit of shock absorption will help your back to be properly aligned even when you aren’t at your desk.

Adjust the Height

One of the most common causes of back pain at work is a poor desk set up. Making sure your computer and chair are at the same height is crucial for your posture but you should also take into consideration how far away for the keyboard you are. Using a computer lift or a stool under your feet might be the switch you need to make, but there are plenty of tools and set ups to match whatever need you may have, even if standing is the best option for you. Finding the perfect ratio of height and distance will allow you to sit in a way that will decrease back pain and prevent muscle memory from forming around bad posture. You can find plenty of information online to determine what the best ergonomic set up is for you.

Buy a New Chair

Sometimes your chair is the one to blame for back pain at work. If it isn’t the right height, or doesn’t give you enough lumber support, you may be feeling it all day. Making the switch to a more ergonomic chair, or even one of the medicine ball chairs, can help relieve chronic pain and even strengthen the muscles you need to sit properly.