How A Top Retained Search Provides Access To Vacancies For Surgical Professionals

In Texas, surgical professionals must complete medical school as well as a residency and fellowship. Through these steps, the surgical professional determines what specialization is right for them. As they continue their career objectives, they need help in finding vacant surgical positions at hospitals. The following is an assessment of how a Top retained search provides access to vacancies for surgical professionals.

Screening Surgical Professionals

The staffing agencies must assess all information that is presented by the surgical professional’s resume. With this assessment, they must start skills testing. The skills tests are based on the specialization performed by the surgeon. They must pass the assessments to be considered for any professional vacancies managed by the staffing agency.

Verifying Certifications and Licensing

The recruiters must review all certifications and licensing for the surgical professional. They must verify that the certifications and licenses are valid in the state of Texas. If the surgeon doesn’t have a valid license or if the certifications are required renewals, the surgeon isn’t considered for positions until they update their status. The surgeon must also provide evidence of all board examinations required. Select employers may require an assessment of the surgeon’s test scores.

Verifying Work History and Recommendations

The recruiter verifies the work history of the surgeon to ensure that they have adequate experience as required by potential employers. They must check all references provided by the surgeon to determine if they qualify and are the right fit for open positions. The surgeon can acquire recommendations from superiors to go in their file.

Scheduling Interviews for Open Surgical Positions

The recruiters manage all interview scheduling for the surgeon. They review current vacancies to determine for which positions the surgeon qualifies. They schedule interviews with the employers based on availability. The recruiters may also provide interview prep for the surgeons as well.

In Texas, surgical professionals seek assistance through staffing firms when they are ready to advance in their career. They sign contracts with the staffing agencies to acquire a guarantee of employment. Their recruiter presents them with job vacancies based on their preferences. Surgeons who need help in finding a new position contact a staffing agency now.