Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Worker Safety and Training Courses

The job of a construction worker can be very dangerous, especially if safety measures aren’t precisely followed. To ensure that all workers have the proper safety training, they must enroll in a Construction Safety Orientation Course, or CSOC. During this course, employees will learn about various safety issues that are prevalent at construction sites and how to avoid them. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about construction worker safety and training.

What are some of the main causes of accidents and injuries at a construction site?

Construction workers can face many safety hazards every day while at work. Since construction workers are often required to work at heights, there’s always the danger of falling if proper safety measures aren’t followed. Being injured while on or around mechanical equipment is another safety hazard of the job.

What kinds of safety information will individuals learn during a safety orientation course?

While enrolled in a CSOC, individuals will learn how to identify various safety hazards that are commonly found at a construction site. These include trip and fall hazards in walkways, objects that can fall from above, equipment dangers and electrical safety. Individuals will also learn ways they can protect themselves from work dangers. Keeping the work area clean will prevent trips and falls from objects that are littering the work space. Immediately cleaning up liquid spills and setting up wet floor signs will prevent individuals from slipping and falling.

Are there any health issues addressed during a course that teach individuals about construction safety?

In addition to workplace safety, individuals will also learn about various diseases that are common for individuals who work in this occupation. This often includes respiratory conditions, such as asthma, from the frequent inhalation of dust at the job site. Individuals will learn about these medical conditions and how to protect themselves from getting any type of occupational disease.

Individuals who work at a construction site must take the necessary precautions so they can avoid injuries and accidents while performing their jobs. After the successful completion of a training course, construction workers will have the knowledge they need to stay safe at work.