External Asset Management And Its Benefits For The Common Man

  External asset management (EAM) is a wealth management approach where an independently licensed asset


External asset management (EAM) is a wealth management approach where an independently licensed asset manager offers people with portfolio management services according to their interests. The assets of the concluding are in the account of a renowned and experienced private bank that acts as a custodian of the funds of the client. The EAM is different and doesn’t relates to any private banks and are free from any pressure to upgrade and enhance the products of invested interests, also have an access to the diversified investment platform that covers financial products as well as concepts across the world and provides designed services that will match the ultimate needs and investment profile of the clients.

Emerging Popularity Of EAMS

When it comes to the popularity and growth of the EAM industry, they have been developing at a tremendously fast pace. When you think of external asset managers, they have been gaining popularity to become the growing force in the city-state of Singapore being the wealth management industry with excellent growth seen in the past years. These managers are the non-bank operators that range from independent management companies to the family offices that are run by families to being the individual counselors.

The EAM And Private Banks

Their bond with the big reputed banks is friendly that being competitive as they remain peaceful on the expertise and the resources of a strong custodian bank to serve their customers with ease and punctuality. The term asset manager has used anonymously with the term independent asset managers as well although not all the managers are completely independent and work on their terms, instead, they work in the stricter sense of their company’s rules and regulations. The external asset manager manages the wealth of the company that professionally works outside of the bank instead of being inside.

What Are Their Services?

The services that are proclaimed by such managers are many, and they vary among the service providers completely depending upon their specialization levels and expertise. Tax consultation, trading, cash management, planning of the estate, and inheritance management all are the services that are successfully provided by the external asset managers across the globe to the customers. They are also known as the EAMs, and the EAM in Singapore is one of the leading managers in the globe known for the excellent work performance and services that satisfy the customers.

Hiring Only The Trusted Ones

Some of the wealth managers try to aim at the specific areas or investments. The examples of such specialized are real estate, commodities, private equity and hedge funds, fixed-term deposits, derivatives or the structured products, and specific classes of stocks. The external wealth or asset managers also focus on the certainty of their clients as well. Usually, a difference is made between the services offered to the private customers are those that are offered to the institutional customers, but the wealth or the external asset managers serve both the types of clients. One of the best companies that provide these services is the golden equator capital that is known for its excellent services and beneficial facilities. Know more about the company at https://www.goldenequatorwealth.com/.