Digital Signage Future Trends

Digital signage has significantly transformed since its inception, and the future trend looks promising especially

Digital signage has significantly transformed since its inception, and the future trend looks promising especially when it comes to marketing. Here are some of the future changes that are going to change the digital signage landscape.


The cloud based platform

Today most of the digital signage operates by swapping SD memory cards given that it’s easy to copy information from multiple locations. On the downside, updating the media players is always cumbersome, and this is going to change soon. For instance, the signage media player will be linked to a cloud technology that will offer scalable, instantaneous, efficient, and secure deployment.


This trend is slowly gaining popularity and businesses that have already implemented the platform are experiencing more cost savings and transparency with lesser maintenance costs.


The mixed media experiences
One of the methods that make advertisers and marketers stay relevant is by ensuring content that is both engaging and dynamic. To enhance their dynamism and engagement, marketers are now employing the sticky technique. If you have to consider this for your digital signage, you should understand that media players enable widgets that source valuable information on particular location or event.
For instance, you could have a bar on screen reminder that pops up and lets everyone know that beers sell at half-price between 3 to 6 PM. I thought about this since by having such a sticky on screen presentation, especially those that support app technology, you will provide better communication by staying relevant to the audience.
Mobile integration


Some businesses have started putting mobile interactivity on their digital signage thanks to the beacon and NFC technology integrated into these systems. What’s more, retailers can quickly engage with potential customers through mobile devices which make it easier to send personalized messages to the intended users. This approach has improved the customer experience and has made location targeting a key factor in the marketing campaign. If you have the right kind of incentives, it’s easier to prompt buy-in which can trigger social sharing and in turn build goodwill when tested for corporate purposes.
Real time content streaming


The good thing about real time content streaming and rich media is that it creates a dynamic digital experience. It’s important to note that digital signage can also work as a representation platform that is designed to share huge content on graphic devices using IP. There are a lot of possibilities in this domain from audio content to video streaming and so on. In fact, the latest media player can function as an IP stream server, and this means that it can connect 4K (UHD) content to display on video walls or presentation screens.


These are some of the future trends that are going to shape up the digital signage industry, and it’s important to avoid any misleading advertisements that don’t provide the right information. Bottom line; always settle for a digital signage that is in line with your needs and that makes perfect sense from a corporate viewpoint.