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Using a Panasonic PBX to Enhance Customer Support: Tips You can utilize Panasonic telephone systems Dubai enterprises depend on to efficiently boost customer support. This is possible since, among other functions, a Panasonic PBX has features built to help enhance the quality of phone conversations between support agents and customers. Below are ways you can harness the power of PBX phone communications within your organization to leave your customers happy: The Mobility Attribute One way to improve customer service is to ensure callers can find business representatives even when the intended recipient is not at the office. Given that a likely customer is calling during normal business hours, you could harness the mobility attributes your IP-capable Panasonic PBX has to facilitate access by staff to your business phone communication network from any place with broadband internet and a supported mobile device. Users need not be at the office to utilize your office communication network since the phone has an internet connection.
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When you’re a company handling plenty of customers each day, you may expect that many of them will be contacting your support team every day for help with specific issues. So, you need to provide the right number of support staff to handle daily incoming calls from treasured customers. Nonetheless, it helps to choose a Panasonic PBX office telephone system that provides for the number of users your customer support department has each moment. Some of these systems are built for only five users, while others accommodate thousands of phone connections at the same time. The multi-user function is handy in case you want a good number of your daily callers served by a real person. Quality Enhancement Coaching A PBX telephone with training tools comes handy when you’re training employees to boost the quality of their phone conversations with clients. Barge is an example of a tool that lets a supervisor overhear a conversation between an employee and customer on phone, without letting them know. Whisper is another practical tool that enables a supervisor to not only eavesdrop on a phone call, but also give information to an employee in undertone, which may then be conveyed to the caller, or give guidelines on the best response depending on what the specific customer is asking. You could also advance your customer service improvement goals with the call recording feature. Although the feature is not right for on-the-call training, recorded calls can always be reviewed to help pinpoint aspects that your personnel need to hone for quality improvement. If choosing Panasonic telephone systems Dubai provides now, make sure features for customer service improvement are supported.